Be a Career Coach or a computer Trainer.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

                                      Mother Teresa


The most influential 30 minutes of your week. As a career coach with ICT Global Link, you can provide feedback and encouragement for learners interested in what you do (and have done)- what you like best, how you got there and why. In just a few minutes a week; you can make an impact on a child’s future while offering guidance to our future workforce. We offer opportunities to work directly or indirectly with learners. We have many different volunteer opportunities that allow for various time commitment of weekly, bi-monthly, once a month, weekends, evenings or a one-time specific event.

You can give in 45 minutes of your week to provide computer training to the learners or to the teachers. They teachers will then train the learners on how to use PC for studies. ICT education is the key to economic growth and development.

Make the local connection. Consider work-based learning opportunities in your community, including career development, mock interviews or being a classroom speaker. Why work-based learning? It’s a chance to connect the real world and the classroom, reaching the learners who are our future workforce and providing a context of relevance that makes education an opportunity rather than an obligation.

Why ICT Global Link? Businesses want to help, educators need volunteers, but no one has the time to track each other down. Using ICT Global Link web-based infrastructure and existing network, participants and volunteers can determine their availability, learners can search for opportunities, and educators can coordinate it all simply and virtually.